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Definition of Innovate (Oxford Languages - verb): in·no·vate

make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

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La'Tonja Milhouse



I offer hope to the hopeless; clarity for those in disparity and healing for those that are willing.
Balm of Gilead - RenataCole.com Online Shop

Balm of


Balm of Gilead Skincare Products LLC is a disabled, black, female-owned company headquartered in Cape Girardeau, MO USA
Tash - Hula Hoop Fit 366

Hula Hoop Fit 366

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MILAN Logistics

Milan Logistics

Family Owned and Operated.
Regional Leaders in Logistics and Trucking
  • Regional Deliveries
  • Logistics
  • Hotshot
  • And More!
Kemunity Yoga

Kemunity Yoga

Meditation & Yoga Classes
Osha Cerese Square

Osha Cerese

Coaching & Content Services
  • Life Coaching
  • Self Discovery & Healing Support
  • Youth Enrichment
  • Plant-Based Transition Support
Stills Medical Professional Consulting

Stills Medical Professional Consulting

SMPC provides credentialing services for healthcare practitioners and billing services as well as assist entrepreneurs with establishing businesses.
Poof Printing

Poof Printing

You Think It.
We Print It.
Experience The Magic!
Operation Hope

Operation Hope

8 Week Entrepreneur
Training Program
HER Wine

HER Wine

For the Woman Who Puts Everyone Else First...
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Meet the n0v8biz founding team of small business inn0v8tors

Carlette Stills
Stills Medical Professional Consulting
La'Tonja Milhouse, Founder
Danté Hamilton founder of PersonalizedNewspaper.com, Inc.
Danté Hamilton, Founder
PersonalizedNewspaper.com, Inc.

E. Danté Hamilton is the founder of PersonalizedNewspaper.com, Inc. With over 45 years of experience in the graphic design, printing and publishing industry, he has become an expert in the field.

With a passion for Afrobeats and Nollywood movies, Danté enjoys curating Pandora and Spotify playlists of pulsating rhythms & infectious beats of Africa's hottest musical genre.

Renaté Photo
Renaté L. Cole
Founder and CEO
Balm Of Gilead Skincare Products LLC
Headquartered in Cape Girardeau, MO
Rising from the struggles of poverty, addiction, chronic pain, and mental health issues, our mission is to inspire others with the message that it is possible to overcome life's challenges by never giving up.

At Balm of Gilead, we offer all-natural products that promote holistic well-being through skin and hair care. Our shea butter and essential oils products are of the highest quality and purity, and we stand behind each and every one. We are thrilled by the positive feedback from our customers.

Our journey serves as a powerful reminder of the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and make a positive impact on the world.
Char Ross
Founder / CEO
iBrand & Design
Nicole Anderson
CEO / Founder
HER Wines
Hula Hoop Fit 366 Org
Linden Jackson
America's Financial Wellbeing Coach
Operation HOPE Inside

Linden Jackson is passionate about helping people and through Operation HOPE, empowers people to BREAK THE CHAINS of mental servitude of DEBT and POVERTY. Assisting to escalate CIVIL RIGHTS to SILVER RIGHTS through Operation HOPE's numerous proactive programs, Mr. Jackson seeks to help establish trends that have never been available to masses of underserved people before in history. He is a stern believer that “Everything will turn out right in the end. If it isn't right, it isn't the end.”
Jyoti Jaiswal

Jyoti Jaiswal is the founder of OMSutra, a purpose-driven brand focused on a conscious lifestyle. > With a desire to preserve India's craft traditions and support artisan communities through ethical and sustainable trades, Jyoti's collections feature handwoven heritage textiles, hand-printed and hand-embroidered with eco-friendly, natural dyes. values and vision.
Osha Morehead
Osha Cerese
Life Coach, Coaching & Content Services
Ernie McKenzie
Milan Logistics Inc.
Jamesia Monroe
Kemmunity Yoga


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